Sebinio Theunissen

The SlipperyJack is an Attachment that makes a guitar playable for Quadriplegic Musicians 

Here’s what it can do:

  • Scope:
    • The guitar is capable of producing (1, 3, 5) Major and Minor chords in two inversions and in all keys. A special tuning for the six strings is required. (1, 3, #5, 1, 3, #5)
  • Wheel Chair Mounting:
    • The guitar is mounted on a wheel chair by a fully adjustable Swivel Mechanism to facilitate a comfortable playing position.
  • Left Hand (Neck) Function:
    • The Chord Plunger replaces the function of the left fingers which makes contact with and presses the strings down onto the fingerboard.
    • The guitar player accurately positions the Chord Plunger in fret positions along the neck using the Sliding Rails.
    • The guitarist controls the Chord Plunger via a Joystick that positions and supports his hand securely among 3 adjustable wooden posts, not requiring finger dexterity.
    • The Chord Plunger is engaged via 3 different arm and wrist movements:
      1. Sliding the mechanism up and down the neck, Left and Right: This positions the mechanism to select chord positions.
      2. Pushing the Joystick forward and away from the player or pulling towards the player:  This engages (makes contact with the strings and pushes them down onto the frets) to yield two different chord ‘fingerings’ in the same position.
      3. Twisting the Joystick: This selects either Major or Minor options for any chord while the Plunger is engaged.
  • Right Hand (strumming/picking) Function:
    • A specially developed plectrum/pick that simultaneously clips onto the right hand thumb and index finger is available. This facilitates control of the Right hand fingers in the case of disability.